Monday, 1 December 2008

Call for ACTION as 141,060 Empty Homes Discovered in North-West

To mark National Empty Homes Week of Action (November 23-29), independent charity, The Empty Homes Agency is calling on the public to report run-down empty homes to help bring them back into use.

EHA Chief Executive, David Ireland said: "At the very time people need more homes, record numbers are falling empty.

"There are now enough vacant homes in England to house almost two million people yet far more attention is paid to building new ones. Councils have the power to step in and help, but can't do so unless they know where they are and won't unless they know people care."

The Empty Homes Agency has launched a new website to make it as easy as possible for people to report empty homes that are affecting them.

The website will automatically report the property to the person in the council who can take action and will provide updates until the property is back in use.

"If everybody who is affected by this growing problem reported just one empty home it would provide a huge impetus and send a huge message to government and councils that action is needed now," said Mr Ireland.