Wednesday, 19 March 2008

More than 70 homes to be bulldozed in Leeds
07 March 2008
By Staff Copy

More than 70 houses in the Cross Green area of Leeds are to be bulldozed to make way for high-quality affordable housing.

Councillor Ralph Pryke (Lib Dem, Burmantofts and Richmond Hill) has welcomed the plans which are due to be put forward to the city council's Executive Board, paving the way for future affordable housing in Leeds.

The council plans to clear 73 properties in the Cross Green area, acquired by agreement and some by compulsory purchase order. Demolition contractors are already on the site.

The properties are around St Hilda's Grove and Cross Green Grove.

The aim of the plan is to remove obsolete pre-1919 housing, with the costs of purchase and demolition met from £16million worth of funding from central Government.

The cleared sites will then join a pool of council-owned land, approaching some 77 acres, set aside for future affordable housing via the Affordable Housing Strategic Partnership.

Coun Pryke said: "I am pleased to see that the council is moving forward with its commitment to provide much-needed affordable housing for the residents of Leeds. The combined plans should hopefully be able to provide around 280 new houses, hopefully allowing future regeneration of the area, in an effort to lift levels of deprivation.

"It is also good that the council is sticking to its guns on this policy.

"They could have made a quick buck, by selling the land to the private sector, but this would not have returned as many affordable units.

"I think the decision highlights the commitment of the administration to work for the best possible outcome for all communities around our city."

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maria_pin said...

How are 280 homes going to fit in the space of 70 back-to-backs? I wonder...