Thursday, 20 March 2008

Something fishy happening in East End Park

7 homes in the East End Park area have been purchased by JUMP, property retailers. Planning permission has been sought to make them all into flats. That’s four rents for one home.

The first 4 homes listed are contained in an area that was condemned in 1989 as unfit for human habitation:

31 Temple View Place - back to back – 4 flats
5 East Park Place - back to back – 4 flats
54 Glensdale Street - back to back - 4 bed-sit flats
55 Glensdale Terrace, back to back - 4 bed-sit flats.

2 Ivy Crescent - back to back? – 3 flats
2 Milner Gardens – terrace – 2 bedroom flats
83 Victoria Grove – terrace – 4 flats

Despite planning permission not having been obtained, substantial work has gone ahead on at least two of these properties, 54 Glensdale Street and 55 Glensdale Terrace. Kitchens extended into living room, plus shower in living room. Additional doorway constructed to allow access from bin yard. The dimensions of living space for each person can be imagined. It is assumed that only one person would be living in each room? Families have lived in these houses for years, so it is likely that four persons or even more would have resided in these back to backs, but this would have been within a family unit where some control of environment and consideration for each other could be exercised.

Mr Jason Butler of JUMP properties has procured these homes and applied for planning permission for the conversions using an agent, D Mziray of 375 Dewsbury Road, Wakefield. It is interesting that he got this work done before Planning Permission was granted.

JUMP went into administration in August 2005. Mr Butler had debts put at £4.5m. Former founder, Managing Director and shareholder of JUMP, Jason Butler completed a deal and JUMP’s assets were sold to another company of his, Jazbut plc.

Mr Butler will be appearing at the Regional Enterprise Show, to be held at Leeds United Conference & Exhibition Centre and Millennium Square on 5 & 6 April to relate to other enterprising entrepreneurs how he achieved the success that has made the current expansion of his business possible. Yorkshire Forward and other Government funded agencies will be there along with Inland Revenue and major banks.

A resident of East End Park contacted the Lib Dem Councillors for this area on 13 March to query why these conversions had been carried out without Planning permission. The reply was that an enforcement team would look into the matter. In the last couple of days there have been 3 withdrawals of these Planning Applications. All the rest are still ‘pending consideration’. Two of the withdrawals though are 54 Glensdale Street and 55 Glensdale Terrace, but work has already gone through on both these homes!!!

Comments from anyone reading this or enquiries made to the Council/Planning Office/local Councillors, would be most welcome, as would clarification from the Council as to what is to happen now. Watch this space!!


jonah52 said...

My experience of Jump are is they are a thoroughly ruthless bunch from board member down to salesman.

They have lied profusely in order to try and cover up their own misdeeds and I hope that not too many people have been taken in by their outrageous 7% selling fees, not of the most expensive properties, but of properties valued at the bottom end of the scale.

This report is entirely consistent with my dealings with Jump and I wonder if the people that are owed money by them are aware of the luxury cars driven by those at Jump HQ in Hepton Court. Jason Butler has a Porsche and board members, even the MD's secretary, have top-end Mercedes.

I sincerely hope that this report is given wider publicity and that Jump's highly chequered history becomes better known.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame people in East End Park have nothing better to do than moan about one of the regions most successful business'. These properties were delapidated ruins until they were purchased and renovated for temporary accomodation for the homeless. We need more companies like Jump who at their peak employed over 700 people from our area!!!

Anonymous said...

Rumour is that Jump are a money laundering operation for local organized crime, only rumours though but as they say, no smoke!

Anonymous said...

I worked for Jump and was told to lie to my clients and customers when there was no money to pay for advertising and when the branch had it's locks changed by the landlord when they couldn't pay the rent on the office. They used their emplyees names to acquire loans - lots of things going on with that company!!

Anonymous said...

There was a TV programme on Channel 4 last night called Britain's Benefit Tenants. It featured a letting agent called Katie Wiggins who runs a company called The Landlord Partnership LLP which is based in Leeds. Katie Wiggins was evicting an elderly woman and her adult son from a property but spent a lot of effort trying to find an alternative property for them with another letting agent - what a lovely thing to do, I thought, but suspected it was all for the cameras as it seemed unlikely that she would go to all the bother if she wasn't being filmed. Anyway, I just did a little digging at Companies House and found out Katie Wiggins was company secretary for Jason Butlers Jump companies (which are all now desolved). It turns out that The Landlord Partnership is jointly owned by Katie Wiggins and Jason Butler. This in itself isn't an issue but I just wanted to post this info here so it will be found in search engines, just in case something dodgy is going on, as judging by this blog post and comments, something doesn't sound quite right.